Dr. Sketchy’s + Camosun Visual Arts Fundraiser

Last night, I attended an event at the Fort Cafe that was a fusion of Dr. Sketchy’s (a social gathering that takes life-drawing outside the studio and places it in a more casual, coffee-shop/cafe atmosphere with drinks and the general public) as well as a fundraiser for the Camosun Visual Arts graduating class of 2013. They planned it in order to raise money for their Grad Art show at the end of the year, and being that I just graduated from that program in April, I wanted to come and support them because I know exactly how stressful it is at this time of year, trying to fund-raise while being constantly bombarded with huge projects in many different mediums that all happen to be due the same week.

Now normally, Dr. Sketchy’s features a professional model. However, since this particular event was planned by the 2nd-year VisArts students, they acted as the models instead, and they did a great job. They also had an art sale going on at the same time, featuring traditional black & white film photography, lino-block prints, and some beautiful ceramic vessels creating using the Raku technique.

The turnout was great, and the event also featured an amazing acoustic performance by a band called Aivia at the end of the night. The lead singer, Liam, is a current 2nd-year in the program, and the bassist, Tom, graduated in my year.

All in all, I think the event was a huge success, raking in quite a few dollars for the students, as well as the Fort Cafe itself which has been trying to stay open so it can continue to provide opportunities for fringe and amateur artists and performers, as well as offering delicious, unique food and community events.

Click here to learn more about the “Support the Fort” campaign.

A Camosun Visual Arts student modelling for life-drawing.A Camosun Visual Arts student modelling for life-drawing.Some of the participants drawing away