Reverie @ St. Andrew’s Anglican Church

Reverie live at St. Andrews Anglican ChurchOn Friday, I went to St. Andrew’s Anglican Church in Sidney to see a local band called Reverie, for their EP Release Concert. Reverie features three very talented females (Holly Hurwood, Nicola Hestnes, and Stephanie Benbow), as well as Grant Parkins on the bass guitar. They write all their own music and have a folk-infused sound that incorporates vocals with various instruments including the guitar, mandolin, ukulele, and percussion such as maracas, tambourine, and castanets.

Holly is a good friend and co-worker of mine and I designed the CD cover for Reverie’s EP, You Look So Lovely, the release of which was the main purpose for the concert. I attended mostly to support Holly, but also because I had previously only heard Reverie perform once, in a casual setting, and was very curious to hear them live in a concert setting.

Opening acts consisted of Emily Griffis and Michael Wood, followed by an intermission (including delicious snacks) and then Reverie as the main event. Their performance was incredibly heartfelt, passionate, captivating, and very enjoyable, and even involved some audience participation for certain songs. The intricate design of the church provided wonderful acoustics that allowed the magnificent harmonies and melodies to shine even brighter.

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